Students and Postdocs

Current Graduate Students 

Theo Serlin, Stanford Polisci (job candidate for AY 2023-24)

Matthew Ribar, Stanford Polisci

Benjamin Tremblay-Auger, Stanford GSB

Denis Tchaouchev, Stanford Polisci

Liam Bethlendy, Stanford Polisci

Kasey Rhee, Stanford Polisci

Phedias Theophanous, Stanford Polisci

Current Undergraduates

Robin Truax, Stanford undergrad

Karsen Wahal, Stanford undergrad

Past Graduate Students and Placement

Apoorva Lal, PhD 2023, Stanford Polisci, Research Scientist at Netflix

Zuhad Hai, PhD 2023, Stanford Polisci, Princeton Niehaus Postdoc / Assistant Professor at NYU 

Floyd Zhang, Phd 2022, Stanford GSB, Economist at Instacart

Valentin Figueroa, Phd 2022, Stanford Polisci, Assistant Professor at Universidad Católica de Chile

Anna Zhang, Phd 2021, Stanford Polisci, Postdoc at UPenn / Assistant Professor at Wash U  / Data Scientist at Meta

Eray Turkel, Phd 2021, Stanford GSB, Research Scientist at Uber, now Economist at Google

Joy Chen, Phd 2019, Stanford Econ, Assistant Professor, CKGSB-Beijing

Ramya Parthasarathy, Phd 2017, Stanford Polisci, Associate Partner at McKinsey

Michael Gibilisco, Phd 2017, Rochester Polisci, Assistant Professor at Caltech

Chitralekha Basu, Phd 2016, Rochester Polisci, Postdoc at Nottingham / Assistant Professor at Cologne


Andrew Mack, Phd 2022, Princeton Politics (AY 2022-23)